Jessica Gross

On Boston

In musings on March 30, 2009 at 5:25 pm

I visited Boston last weekend. And I have to say: I don’t get it.

Why on earth do people like Boston?

The friends I was visiting liked that it was a city, but not too big, or too dirty, or too mean, like that crummy New York. Well, I understand the desire for cleanliness and a small-town, friendly feel. But then why bother living in a city? The whole point of a city is that it’s exciting! There’s always something to do! There are a billion people you don’t know! The air is polluted! Why not just live in a small town if you want sterility and best friends forever living next door?

I will give Boston the Charles. That is quite a river. But then again, the city is cold. River negated.

Can someone defend Boston for me? I honestly would like to be enlightened.

  1. My roommate just came back from Boston and she loved it — the history, the lobster rolls, the Revolutionary War-era ship she got to pretend to be a wench on — my guess: awesome place to visit but okay to stay.

  2. Education central, the best hospitals, a place for entrepeneurship to rest its head, the history, the people, the diversity, innovation….

    the list goes on.

  3. i love living in boston! it has all the plus points of a city — lots going on, culture, restaurants, nightlife, new people (and so many in our age group), etc. — but its smaller and more manageable than certain other cities…maybe its for people who aren’t exactly big city people but aren’t small town people either…like me

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