Jessica Gross

The Boogie Pole

In people watching on February 5, 2009 at 4:42 pm

You’ve touched a boogie pole.

Last night, my roommate told me a horror story. As she waited for the subway, she saw a guy pick a huge booger out of his nose and wipe it on his pants. She prayed silently that she could squeeze into a part of the car far away from the boogie monster.

Of course, she was shoved right next to him. The only pole within reach was the one he grasped. She determined she’d go hands-free.

He moved his hand and gestured to her, offering her a place on the pole.

Where there’s one metal rod covered in snot, there are thousands. Use this stuff.

  1. I never fell more disgusting then after touching anything in the subway, well said. But, if she really wanted to get back at the Boogie Monster what she should have done was pick her nose and do the same. Fight snot with snot!

  2. gross. thanks to c for sharing that story with you and thus everyone.

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