Jessica Gross

Central Park Clarinetists

In musings, people watching on December 1, 2008 at 6:24 pm

I know two data points don’t count as a pattern. But on a run through Central Park this morning, I saw two dads walking with young children carrying clarinets. I needed to know where they were going.

The most reasonable assumption is that there’s some elementary school near Central Park, and these kids are in the band. But I really hope it’s something crazy! As I ran, I made up possibilities:

  • The children are members of the premier Youth Orchestra of New York City (if that’s a real thing, I just took a very good guess).
  • There are millions of little children who flock to a cave beneath Central Park the Monday after Thanksgiving every year to play clarinet tunes.
  • The clarinets are actually tiny suitcases. The children are being shipped off to be space combatants, Ender’s Game-style.

Any actual, i.e. non-fiction, leads? Comment.

  1. i play the clarinet it is good fun i love the sound and the look of the clarinet.

  2. keep playing the clarinet it is soo much fun

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