Jessica Gross

Looking Young

In musings on November 17, 2008 at 12:50 pm

I’m 23, but I don’t look it. I don’t just mean I get carded — I mean that whenever I’m asked my age, I’m assaulted. “Twenty-three? You look like you’re in high school!”

When I tell the kind lady or gentleman that yes, I am 23, but I get that a lot, I get this: “You’ll appreciate it when you’re older.” (In hundreds of renditions, the conversation has never strayed from this script.)

But a friend raised a good question this weekend: does looking young when you’re young really translate to looking young when you’re old? I pondered, and now I’m not so sure. Looking young when you’re young is the product of facial features and body type. A round face looks younger than a long, cheekboned one; a small person looks younger than someone tall or stocky. But when you’re past, say, 40 years old, it’s the hair color and the wrinkles that make the difference. The grayer and wrinklier you are, the older you’ll look. So a young-looking 20-something’s round face might mean squat once the wrinkles set in — right?

I’m really just looking for reassurance here, so if you have counter-evidence, please comment.

  1. I’ve wondered the exact same thing! I’m scared that I will look 12 until I hit 30 and then all of a sudden I will look 50. Sigh.

  2. People always tell me the same thing too. I don’t think I’ll appreciate it when I’m older…well maybe cuz my mom does. Everyone thinks shes in her late 20s or early 30s and she’s pushing 50!

  3. […] job!” It was a sandwich.) My friend is one of the skinnier people I know, and I’m a small girl. Are waiters just baffled that a little person can actually consume food? Or is it that, in […]

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