Jessica Gross

Bus Driver Buddies

In musings, people watching on November 13, 2008 at 12:04 pm

Yesterday morning, at the intersection of York and 68th, our M31 bus driver laughed and waved.

I looked out the window to see who he was waving to. It was another MTA driver making a right onto York, in front of our bus.

Did they see each other at this intersection every morning? I wondered if they looked forward to the daily meet-and-greet.

But wait — did they know each other outside of these waving sessions? Maybe they’d never actually spoken, but had just seen each other at this intersection so many times they’d become familiar from afar! I imagined their eventual meeting after so many silent hellos:

M31 driver: So hey, we’re finally meeting!

M66 driver: (genial laugh) Yes, so we are!

M31 driver: So how’s the M66 route?

M66 driver: It’s pretty good — it goes through Central Park. How’s your route?

M31 driver: Great! It goes across the entire city, from York to 11th Avenue.

M66 driver: That is quite an unusual route.

M31 driver: Yes, yes it is.

The only options after that point would be (a) city geography, (b) weather, or (c) awkward silence.

After that conversation, would they still wave? Or would they pretend they were fascinated by the East River?


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