Jessica Gross

Update: The Vote

In musings on November 4, 2008 at 6:28 pm

Everybody: I voted.

I was not an ideal voter. I took about six minutes in the booth, and that’s a conservative estimate. When I exited, the line had quadrupled, and everyone waiting glared as though I’d just spent a quarter-hour shitting in a Starbucks bathroom.

Why so long? First, because I started tearing up in the voting booth. True story! I couldn’t read until I waited for the tear ducts to calm down.

Second, because as I was about to pull the lever to register my vote, I saw this in the bottom-right corner. It was a proposition I didn’t even know about! I frantically tried to read it. But there were so many negatives — “eliminate,” “disability,” “disabled.” What was this thing saying? I read; I reread. But imaginary clock ticks and tocks boomed in my head. I panicked. In the end I didn’t trust myself to vote on it.

Oh, Proposition 1, my downfall!

  1. I got teary eyed in that polling both too. Couldn’t help it.

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