Jessica Gross

Rich Kids

In musings, people watching on October 15, 2008 at 6:18 pm

Every morning as I walk on the Upper East Side, I swoon at the children on their way to school. They cover the sidewalks. But these aren’t ordinary children: these are rich children. And they dress the part.

I have a fetish for shoes — teeny, tiny shoes. (This sounds like the pedophiliac version of Sarah Jessica Parker. Pretend it doesn’t.) So when I see a little girl sporting a plaid skirt, gray tights and little patent-leather Mary Janes, I have to refrain from swooping her up and running away.

The logic doesn’t apply to adults. Kid in a Burberry coat: adorable! Parent in a Burberry coat: greedy.

Never mind that these children have an 83 percent chance of maturing into spoiled teens who say “Whatevs.”

  1. I believe YOU have a Burberry coat?? People in glass houses…

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