Jessica Gross

Subway Rage

In musings on October 13, 2008 at 6:17 pm

I berated a woman for her sidewalk rage, so I have to come clean. Yesterday, I had subway fury.

On entering, I spotted a lone empty seat. I lunged for it. But a 50-something woman with googly-eye glasses lunged faster, jetting in front of me to snag the spot.

I think it was the manic look in her eyes that made me envision myself growing into the Hulk and yelling a lot of scary, loud garble. For the 20 minutes I spent on the 6 train between Spring Street and Grand Central, I glared at her. Even as she took out a map and I realized she was a tourist, I glared. As she shrunk into her seat, I glared. As I said to myself, “You were about to steal the seat from her, and besides — you’re 23! I think you can handle standing,” the manic look flashed in my brain and I glared some more.

I have now repented.


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