Jessica Gross


In people watching on September 19, 2008 at 5:41 pm

Since elementary school, I’ve been a fan of the backpack. (In fifth grade, I even sported the uni-shoulder look, until my second-grade brother adopted it and usurped my coolness.) I saw swarms of children festooned with these dorky sacks on a run this morning. My heart swelled. Then I saw the offender: the backpack on wheels.

In my youth, the rolly backpack was a big no-no. Its use prompted wincing, even groaning. But the child doing the rolling today didn’t look outcastish. He looked like an incast, in fact — good posture, purposeful gait, spiffy clothes. His presentation said, “Yeah, I’m a seven-year-old with a rolly backpack. What of it?”

So is the backpack-on-wheels in vogue these days? Or does it just take an overconfident child to make it legit?

  1. Back in my day, we kicked the rolly backpacks. Mean? Maybe. But I’d like to think that, today, those kids are stronger for it.

  2. I own a rolly back pack. They are really quite useful… although I don’t know if they are exactly considered fashionable…

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