Jessica Gross

Hogging the Stall

In people watching on September 18, 2008 at 9:54 pm

Back to bathroom etiquette.

In a restaurant restroom with two stalls, I was waiting in line. I was not waiting patiently. I made throat-clearing noises to notify the pee-ers that I was there. Minutes passed.

Then I saw it: a shadow of two hands texting on a Blackberry on the floor of one of the stalls. This woman wasn’t even going to the bathroom — she was texting! Texting!

But I have to come clean here. I’ve been on the other side. On a trip to Border’s, I wanted to read a book I’d brought, but couldn’t find adequate floor space. So I went to the bathroom and read in the stall. Since there were two, I figured I could stay as long as I liked without anyone bothering me. But bother me people did. They whined. They wondered to each other who was in my stall. They knocked. Finally, a woman peered through the crack and declared to the line, “She’s reading in there!”

That was less pleasant than waiting for the texter to finish. Much less pleasant.


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