Jessica Gross

Buying Chunks of Air

In people watching on September 16, 2008 at 5:21 pm

There aren’t just too many people for New York’s sidewalks. There are too many people in New York, period. It’s unnatural.

Most of Manhattan is living in space. As a coworker put it, people here don’t buy land — they buy chunks of air. Think of it this way: there’s a piece of land. If everyone lives on the ground, they have the same amount of space whether they’re in their houses, on the bus or walking around. But once you start stacking apartments like pogs, people lose all the space they own once they descend to the ground. It’s mayhem! Were people meant to be up in each other’s grills like this? No.

But now that we’ve invented skyscrapers, it’s kind of fun to be pressed up against a fat man’s belly in the subway. Am I right?

  1. If you think NYC is crowded, come to Tokyo!

    Look at the photos and videos of mine in these two posts, for example:


    “Tokyo Five”

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