Jessica Gross

A Word about Bats

In people watching on September 2, 2008 at 11:00 pm

New Yorkers own dogs. Apparently, Austinites own bats. A friend of mine, who recently moved from NYC to Texas, reports that Austin houses “the world’s largest bat colony.”

The bats live under a bridge. At night, they flee their home in swarms. Residents watch the bats, make sculptures of the bats, and wear bat-themed garments.

Monologue of an Austinite watching bats: “Whee!” Monologue of a New Yorker watching bats: “Why the hell are there bats under this bridge? Harry, call somebody! Call somebody about the bats!”

Then again, if an Austinite saw a rat-sized dog wearing booties, she’d probably react the same way.


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